Bujinkan (MiyabiryuEly Dojo (Ninjutsu)

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Rick Pridmor

Dojo Owner "Cho" (Shidoshi)

Bujinkan Ely Dojo (Miyabiryu) dojo is owned and run by Rick Pridmore (6th Dan) Rick returned from his first trip to Japan in May 2011, where he was promoted to Godan (5th Dan)

Rick took his second trip to Japan this April. While on this trip, Rick was promoted to Rokkudan (6th Dan).

In 2014 Rick was promoted to 7th Dan

Rick has run the Bujinkan Ely Dojo for over 7 years. Rick also runs, Bujinkan Peterborough and Bujinkan Mildenhall.


Rick also has over 29 year’s Martial Arts experience including, full contact kickboxing, Judo, Karate and has trained in a number of other disciplines but settled on Ninjutsu as this was a complete system and not sport oriented.


Rick has and still continues to train with many Shihan, across the world, Japan and in the UK.  

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